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Like finding gold!

The retail market is struggling to survive and now we have the opportunity to be able to engage customers, family and friends to partake in The Cash back App rewards and have passive income. Everybody wins, how amazing! It’s been one of the best and easiest decisions I have ever made.

Soula A.TCBA Merchant

How It Works

Our proprietary software platform enables your customers to pay for items in-store using their unique digital wallet. In doing so they get instant cash back with each purchase, while merchants get more sales, customer analytics and most importantly - no transaction fees.

1. TCBA Merchant offers a discount/commission to TCBA that is shared to the customer as cash back. Customer has a unique QR code on their phone in the App.

2. Merchant scans the customer's QR code with the TCBA reader device that is installed next to an existing POS / till.

3. Customer pays with cash, EFTPOS or credit card as normal. Or, with zero transaction cost to the merchant, the customer pays with wallet funds or credit card attached to their TCBA wallet.

4. Agreed discount/commission for the purchase is debitted from the merchant's account, and cash back is allocated to the customer's mobile wallet for their use.

5. The App allocates a donation based on the purchase amount. At the end of the accounting period, TCBA donates to the customer's nominated charity on their behalf.

6. The customer shares the App with their friends and family and receives an affiliate commission every time their friends and family shop with the App.

Benefits for Merchants

Improved customer loyalty and retention

Keep your customers coming back for more as you offer instant cash discounts in-store through our lightning fast, easy to use point-of-sale system.

Increased exposure to new customers

Leverage our live database of tens of thousands of customers looking to purchase from businesses just like you.

Zero transaction fees

Make sure your cash flow is under control with zero transaction fees for any purchases made in-store with The Cash Back App.

Powerful analytics at your fingertips

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time customer analytics data right at your fingertips. Get daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns detailing number of transactions, transaction amounts and much more.

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Easy Store Integration

After you sign up we'll send you a care package complete with brochures, posters, table top stickers and more to help you get customers through the door.

Included within is our unique POS system which allows you to accept cash back in-store and make sales instantly with no transaction fees.

The POS system is a mobile Android device that needs continuous connection to your wireless internet network.

Transactions that are made with our app on this device are completed in real-time.

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