About Us

We are an Australian-owned and operated company that was established to help our members reduce the cost of living and to support local businesses which are the backbone of this great country.

The Cash Back App (‘TCBA’) puts cash into consumer’s pockets instantly by rewarding members with tangible cash rewards for shopping with a network of participating merchants that include small businesses and national chains. Cash Back is available for both in store and online purchases. Available through a free downloadable app (‘The App'), TCBA empowers consumers to save money on whatever, wherever or however a purchase is made by becoming a Member. With one in four US families living pay check to pay check (Nielsen Study) those people who live ‘pay cheque to pay cheque’ this is a significant tangible benefit.

For Merchants, particularly SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprise), who face ever increasing levels of competition, TCBA provides a platform that improves their marketing reach through attracting new clients; creates a universal loyalty scheme that delivers maximum rewards to its Members; and a way to conduct transactions without incurring bank/credit/debit/card and Pay Wave transaction fees.

Charities, who are nominated by TCBA, also receive an automatic donation every time a purchase is made using the App.

Each of these stakeholders also has the opportunity to earn Affiliate recurring passive income through referring TCBA to friends and family, an existing client or donation base.

TCBA transactions are facilitated by a Wallet and a dedicated POS terminal. The App’s Mobile Wallet allows Members to receive and spend cash back when shopping.

TCBA’s platform and internal ledger is a secure, stable, and well-tested system that enables cash as digital currency to exist side by side in a loyalty-based payments platform with all cash held securely through a relationship with the National Australia Bank.

TCBA uses both direct, affiliate and multi-level marketing programs to promote its cash back solution. Licensee and Ambassador programs create the conduits through which greater passive recurring income can be earned.

The company targets regions where there is a high incidence of income disadvantage by employing a small dedicated sales team, for a short period of time, to stimulate both Member and Merchant engagement numbers. Word-of-mouth has proven to be a powerful viral engagement generator in two successful pilot programs and an exhaustive Beta test of the platform.