How The Cash Back App Works

Shop. Save. Simple.

The Cash Back App is the free app that puts cash in your pocket! Get cash back on groceries, alcohol, petrol and more by shopping with eligible merchants around Australia. 

Everybody Wins!

Did you shop yesterday? Will you shop today? And what about tomorrow and the next day? Everybody shops. It’s a fact of life. So why not shop where you can get cash back or discounts on the necessities and niceties of life?

How It Works

1. TCBA Merchants offer a discount that you can instantly convert into cash back at the point of sale.

2. When making a purchase, scan your QR code (found on your app) on the Cash Back App Reader installed next to the cash register.

3. Pay for your purchase with cash, EFTPOS or credit card as normal. Or with wallet funds or credit card attached to your TCBA wallet.

4. The cash back earned from your purchase is then allocated to your wallet. You can use those funds in other purchases as you wish.

5. TCBA then allocates a donation based on your purchase amount. At the end of the accounting period, TCBA donates to your nominated charity on your behalf.

6. You can share the app with your friends and family and receive an affiliate commission every time your friends and family shop with the App.

Cash Rewards, Simply By Sharing

The Cash Back App rewards sharing with a referral rewards program. To get cash rewards, share the app with friends and family. When they shop, and are in your community, you get a cash reward of a percentage of their shopping.

The Cash Back App is a fast and easy way to take control of your money and in the process improve the quality of your life. If you have a tight budget, The Cash Back App can bring you savings on everyday shopping and help you earn some needed extra cash.

If you’re doing okay, then The Cash Back App can help you access some extra luxuries. If you’re looking for additional income, then The Cash Back App can help you build a genuine recurring income, without the hype and with surprisingly little effort.

It works because we share our commission with you!

Here's an example: Let's say John's Fine Dining is a registered merchant on The Cash Back App. He offers a succulent 3 course meal for two at the price of $100. John has arranged to give 10% of the purchase value to TCBA as a commission. We then reward YOU and your friends by sharing that commission as cash back and Shopping Community referral rewards.

For every purchase, we split our commission into 3 'buckets': 1: 50% goes to the buyer as Cash Back, 2: 15% is split 5 levels of referrers above you in the Shopping Community, and 3: 35% is retained by TCBA for income.

Note: a 10% commission is the standard rate, but varies by merchant.

Here's a depiction of how we share a 10% commission with our members:

$100 Purchase

with 10% Commission

makes $10 to Share

$5.00 Cash Back

50% Cash Back to the buying member

$1.50 Rewards

15% Shopping Community Reward shared to 5 levels

$3.50 to TCBA

35% retained by The Cash Back App as income

Features of The Cash Back App


  • Collect funds from shopping, add and withdraw funds and attach cards
  • Pay for discounted Gift eCards instantly and with zero fees
  • Pay another TCBA member instantly and free


  • Find TCBA merchants near you in map and list view
  • View the merchant's details, map location and contacts
  • View the merchant's cash back on offer


  • See services on offer exclusively to our members
  • Apply for great services such as power, insurance and more
  • Access our catalogue of amazing travel deals and experiences


  • Exlusive special offers for our members
  • Offers listed near you and just for you
  • Deals that give you even more discounts!

Gift Cards

  • Discounted gift eCards to national brands accross Australia
  • In-stock gift eCards are delivered instantly after purchase
  • Use at national brands in addition to ther store offers

My Account

  • Create and manage your profile and more
  • Control your account security and access
  • Manage wallet and banking settings and see transactions

Get The Cash Back App Today! It's FREE and Easy to use!

It's the free app that puts cash in your pocket! Get cash back on groceries, alcohol, petrol and more by shopping with eligible merchants around Australia. 

Shop. Save. Simple.

Find and download The Cash Back App on App Store or Google Play.

Make an eligible purchase to claim your cash back instantly.

Choose how you want to pay: wallet funds, cash or credit card.

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