About Us

We are an Australian-owned and operated company that was established to specifically help our members reduce the cost of living and to support local businesses which are the backbone of this great country.

The company was founded by Managing Director Bruce Inglis and other likeminded shareholders soon followed to help bring about the vision of creating a business model where “Everybody Wins”.

We invite you to join with us and enjoy cash back, discounts, loyalty rewards, great special offers, prizes, and in doing so support the retailers and national brands that serve you.

The Cash Back App can also provide you with a passive income for the rest of your life just by sharing the App with your friends. As your friends shop with our merchants both you and they receive cash back from our retailers as part of the Loyalty Program.

A significant proportion of our income is given back to the local community so you can be assured that every time you shop you are also supporting those most in need of a helping hand.

Meet Our Team

We've got a talented management group who lead our team of people in the pursuit of excellence across all areas of the business.

They include App developers, IT Engineers, Graphic Designers, Specialists in Retail, Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Power & Gas, Travel, Operations, Sales and Marketing.

  • Bruce Inglis Chief Executive Officer

    Bruce has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing in both national and state roles. As a small business owner he knows the value of a loyal customer and as a consumer he appreciates good value for money. The creation of The Cash Back App is the perfect marriage of loyalty and value where “Everybody Wins”

  • David Hennessy Chief Technology Officer

    David built The Cash Back App web system and manages the app team and the development and improvement of our systems. He has held roles in information and project management in various Government agencies and has a large portfolio of systems built for clients through his own web services business.