Lower Your Business Phone Bill And Get Monthly Cash Rebates

  • 31 March 2022

Now you can potentially slash your Business phone bills and get Cash Back!

Every business in Australia faces Telecommunications bills as a basic cost of doing business. By switching to Cash Back Telco you can pay your bills as usual while knowing that you will be getting Cash Back every month.

If you are an existing Telstra Customer, switching to Cash Back Telco is easy, nothing changes but the colour of your bill and you will receive cash back into your account every month!

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You Need To Tell Them, You Can’t Afford Not to

  • 27 January 2022

Are you doing stuff for your clients or customers, that they are either not aware of, or simply don’t understand the value involved because – You Don't Tell Them!

This happens so often in small business, the owners take things for granted and as a result miss a massive marketing opportunity and the ability to really stand their business out from their competition.

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Your Ideal Customer - How To Find Them For Free And In Big Numbers

  • 20 January 2022
Get noticed by the right people, and a lot of them.

There are so many opportunities in today’s market place it can sometimes leave you wondering where to start.

The thing is how do you make sure that you are leveraging your time effectively, so you are having the most impact and highest financial reward for the effort you are putting in?
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Fix My Financial Situation

  • 06 January 2022
Every January it is usually the same old thing for your clients.

Reflect on the year that was, and hope things are different this year. Then come the New Year resolutions. Usually made up of the Big 3:
  1. Fix my finances
  2. Get fit and loss some weight
  3. Find a better job or get a pay rise
By mid to late January, if not earlier, the best-laid plans are usually out the door.
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Always have paying customers when you Capture Leads

  • 30 December 2021
All successful business leaders will tell you…

Your Net worth Is Equal To Your Network.

You are generating traffic through your business, to your website or via phone enquiries. The thing is – Are You Making The Most Of Your Opportunities?

These are your Hot Leads because they are actively looking for what you have. Whether they are ready to buy from you right now or just looking, you need to capture their details and stay in touch.
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Driving Traffic and Creating Interest In Your Business

  • 24 December 2021
Our merchants tell us paid advertising is costing you more and making you less money.  

So how are you turning this around?

Basically the marketplace is so noisy, marketing is not working like it used to.

Let me explain…
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Where Is The Hidden Profit In Your Business?

  • 16 December 2021

Life gets that busy it is difficult for most business owners to get the time away from their business long enough to do some serious thinking about how your business is running?

The day to day routine gets so hectic it is hard to see where the opportunities are for you to easily grow your profits. It is the old saying of ‘not seeing the forest for the trees.’

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The 12 Components Of 'The Perfect Business'

  • 09 December 2021

Richard Russell is right up there with Warren Buffet as a modern day icon of the investing community and widely published for his work on The Dow Theory letters, particularly in relation to business cycles and market trends. Richard produced an article titled ‘The Perfect Business’.

I was reading an article on the weekend by marketing legend and author Seth Godin on the concept of Ideas Viruses.This got me thing about Richards article. When I first read it back in my financial planning days, it was his concepts that got me started down the technology path.

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