About Us

We are an Australian-owned and operated company that was established to specifically help our members reduce the cost of living and to support local businesses which are the backbone of this great country.

The company was founded by Managing Director Bruce Inglis and other likeminded shareholders soon followed to help bring about the vision of creating a business model where “Everybody Wins”.

We invite you to join with us and enjoy cash back, discounts, loyalty rewards, great special offers, prizes, and in doing so support the retailers and national brands that serve you.

The Cash Back App can also provide you with a passive income for the rest of your life just by sharing the App with your friends. As your friends shop with our merchants both you and they receive cash back from our retailers as part of the Loyalty Program.

A significant proportion of our income is given back to the local community so you can be assured that every time you shop you are also supporting those most in need of a helping hand.

Company History

  1. Getting Started

    Bruce shared his vision for a new kind of app with David, and both commenced in building the prototype for how TCBA 1.0 would look and function. The first version is the foundation for what the app has come to be.

  2. Alpha release and market test

    Simply by telling friends and subsequent word of mouth, the prototype got lots of attention and support. TCBA garnered its first shareholder investments based on the promise of our new app and its benefits to everyday Australians.

  3. Beta release

    Coinciding with the release of Apple's iOS 7 design, TCBA was updated and released in a beta version with more features - including gift card ordering and services.

  4. "Celebrate 1.8" and first regional launch

    After 12 releases in our first year, we celebrated version 1.8 and looked back on what we built - a unique app and business model that had immediate appeal. We began on-boarding merchants who in turn helped us in our first regional launch in NSW. Our membership grew exponentially in a very short period.

  5. TCBA 2.0 and second regional launch

    After proving the App and the business model, we took learnings from our first regional launch and began a second regional launch in Queensland.

  6. Discovering a unique opportunity

    With major growth in cash back payouts and transactions going through the app, we began prototyping a banking platform that could give even more value to our members and merchants.

  7. Building for the future

    Whew! Building a banking platform and backing POS technology is hard work! We started a long-term project to create 'world-first' digital wallet and payment platform that would be free of fees for our merchants and members.

  8. Planning for growth

    With TCBA 2.0 seeing solid usage, we continued to invest in our technology. We also sought partnerships around the world - and in Australia - for delivering a ground-breaking new platform we nicknamed "The Phoenix".

  9. Franchise model

    From our two regional trials, we learned of the need to deliver local and regional support to our network of merchants. Our merchants play a vital and key role in The Cash Back App's business model, and we decided that a franchise model was the best way to deliver this. Over the course of several months we met amazing people around Australia who became our Franchisees.

  10. "Soft launch" and merchant acquisition

    With a rebranding our site, a unified vision for growth and the support of our Franchisees, TCBA begins building a national network of merchants during a soft launch. We release limited access to our system to assist merchants build their communities and get a head start before our major launch.

  11. "Share the app with someone you love"- Major launch

    This will be huge! We are excited for next year's major release, on Valentine's Day. What better gift can you give your 'bestie' than The Cash Back App!? The app gives you cash back on everyday purchases, plus a passive income when your friends shop - AND a revolutionary digital wallet that will give you immediate access to your cash back.

Fun Facts

SImply by word-of-mouth and the great incentivisations to share and use The Cash Back App, we have seen solid growth during our startup phase. We are looking forward to massive growth when we launch in early 2018 with a large network of merchants accross Australia.


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Meet Our Team

We've got a talented management group who lead our team of people in the pursuit of excellence across all areas of the business.

    Bruce Inglis

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bruce has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing in both national and state roles. Bruce created The Cash Back App and designs and leads the strategic direction of the company. As a small business owner he knows the value of a loyal customer and as a consumer he appreciates good value for money. For Bruce (and all of us), the creation of The Cash Back App is the perfect marriage of loyalty and value where “Everybody Wins”.

    David Hennessy

    Chief Technology Officer

    David built The Cash Back App and leads the technolgy team, along with the development and improvement of our systems. He has over 10 years in Government and corporate roles and has a large client portfolio. He is in the final semester of two concurrent masters degrees: one in IT (with two specialisations, software development and cloud computing) and the other in Information Systems Security.