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Get Cash Back when You Shop
Create a Passive Income
How to Get Cash Back


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Cash Back and Discounts

  1. Shop at participating retailers that pay you cash back AND bonus loyalty cash
  2. Purchase Gift Cards from national retailers to receive fantastic extra discounts

Create a passive income

  1. Get ½% on your first level friends shopping, paid directly to your bank account
  2. Income to 5 levels: your friends, your friends' friends, your friends' friends' friends…

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Everybody Wins!

Did you shop yesterday? Will you shop today? And what about tomorrow and the next day?

Everybody shops. It’s a fact of life. So why not shop where you can get cash back or a discount on the necessities and the niceties of life?

The Cash Back App reward shoppers with cash back* and businesses with loyal customers. PLUS - recurring income for as long as you use the app!

With The Cash Back App everybody wins!

Everybody Wins with The Cash Back App