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Hi, I am Renee and I am a Yoga teacher, artist, childcare worker, writer and photogrpaher. I am devoted to helping others feel great about themselves and the life around them. I started Yoga 24 years ago with my mum and have been taught by Yogi's from Australia, India and Indonesia. The health and wellbeing benefits are endless and I have taught people with physical, emotional and mental health hurdles, allowing them to find ways to ease suffering and improve the quality of life.
If you want to be a part of the community and feel a more positive energy - follow my instagram page for a daily dose of thought, images and sound, with the aim of raising awareness of the human condition and offering a few suggestions on how we can live a more positive life and help others, it is my gift to you.

Store Details

We teach Yoga, meditation and art in Cronulla, Caringbah, Kirrawee and custom at home visits.

  • Our popular beginners courses, teach you the fundamentals of Yoga, working with the breath and focusing on alignment to ensure to develop an enhanced understand of your body. It allows you to take these practices to any yoga class and continue strong in the mind, heart and body.
  • Running art workshops and offering wellbeing, meditation and mindfullness classes for school students struggling with the craziness that can exist when we are off course.
  • Working with the elderly to ensure their minds and bodies are staying strong and working cohesivley. Through chair yoga or yoga designed for over 55's, we combine meditation to connect the brain and the body, allowing for a more fullfilling lifestyle.
  • Teaching children the fundamentals of yoga early in the hope they take a compassionate view of the world and share it with their friends and families, whilst stretching their bodies and learning new skills. Above all, having fun.

So if you want to learn more or just have a few questions, we are happy to help, please call us.


Cash back is available on all Beginners packages, corporate Yoga and monthly passes.

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Blue Dust Collective - Yoga and Welbeing

1/151 Woolooware Rd Cronulla, NSW 2230


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Yoga is for everybody, it is never too early or too late to start lifting your wellbeing
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