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Many of you know us already from Cronulla Fruitland (hi!) and this is one of our secret weapons – we get to use the freshest, first grade, top notch, juiciest produce – bursting with nutrients. Which means our juices, smoothies and bites are packed full of nutrient rich deliciousness.

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Here at The Press Cronulla we make our own natural, healthy pressed juices, smoothies and bites from scratch, in-store, every day. But we do it differently. We’re obsessed with the goodness of good old fashioned fresh fruit, vegetables and whole foods. And we’re on a mission to bring you the very best produce in everything that we make. Believe us – you’ll notice the difference.


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The Press Cronulla

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Hello, we’re The Press Cronulla. An espresso, juice and bites bar in one of Sydney’s most idyllic surfside towns - Cronulla.

123 Cronulla St Cronulla, NSW 2230


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