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Your local night Pharmacy Since 1969, Boian Night Chemist has provided extended hours care and individualised attention to the health needs of customers in Sydney's St. George area. Dedicated on-site pharmacists are available as an initial reference in emergency medical situations, to advise on personal health concerns, provide specific medication information or dispense prescriptions daily from 9.00 am to 10.30pm.

As our population ages, Boian Night Chemist has recognised the need, and the challenges of, improving pharmacy services to assist the elderly. Our aged care initiatives include scheduled home deliveries of inconvenience pads/products, enteral nutrition products, medical equipment, etc at below regular retail prices and home delivery of prescriptions, homecare and residential facility Websterpak dose aids by mutual arrangement.

As your local community pharmacy Boian Night Chemist has provided over 40 years of service to the St. George area. Be assured that whenever you need us we will be here to provide you with the highest quality professional service and care to help with your concerns.

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** No Discounts on Prescription Medicine **

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Boian Night Chemist

486 King George's Road Beverly Hills, NSW 2209


[email protected]

Open 9am - 10.30pm 7 Days a Week

Nice & friendly staff will deliver expert health advice in a professional environment.

  • Open day & night for advise, NDSS & medical needs
  • Home care and nursing home dose aids
  • Residential aged care or home medication review
  • CPAP equipment and Sleep Aponea testing
  • Medicines, medical equipment & OTC products