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Marketing Strategies: How Many Do You Have?

  • 21 September 2017
Try Sitting On a Three Legged Stool?

It is going to be uncomfortable, difficult to Balance, and at some point you are likely to come crashing to the floor.

We recently talked about developing a marketing plan, that plan cannot be reliant on anyone source of business to dominate, because one thing is absolutely certain, things will change…

It will happen when you least expect it, and at the worst possible time.

The answer:

Have multiple stream or sources of new business and income, so when something does change in your market, industry, economy or technology impacts on your clients buying habits, it does not knock you completely off balance – or worse.

Do a review of where your business comes from…

If you are heavily reliant on a few major clients of limited sources of income, then you are skating on thin ice if something changes.

We have all heard the horror stories of companies going to the wall because they lost a major account, a client went bust or things simply changed and they could not adapt.

Kodak being one of many examples that comes to mind.
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