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Get Your Message Across With Power And Impact!

  • 13 October 2017
One of the hardest things for most people to do is clearly articulate a complex message in a brief statement.

Most business owners do not have a powerful 1 and 2 minute statements they have practiced and can deliver to inspire awe and interest from the person you are speaking with.

Here is an Elevator Pitch Framework:
  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Who is it you cater to?
  4. What is the problem you solve?
  5. What is your Unique Customer Buying Advantage?
  6. Call to Action & Action Step.
You elevator pitch should have the person you are talking to asking for more information, asking questions or intrigued. Not everyone is going to be a potential client however you want your message to be engaging.

Here is my pitch example:

I am Derek Morgan from The Cash Back App, known as one of the most powerful marketing platforms available to small business (or targeted to audience).

I specialise in helping business owners with a simple step-by-step system for gaining more loyal customers, growing their cashflow and setting up lifetime recurring income from their business.

We generate greater customer loyalty and retention, increase referrals to your business and give business owners access to a large network of motivated customers.

In the process creating a residual income stream from your business that continues to pay you even after you sell the business.

Let me show you how simple it is to do all of this, can I have your business card?

My action steps for my pitch:
  1. Get my phone out.
  2. Open the App
  3. Hit share
  4. Get their number or email and share the app.
In this process I have their contact details to follow-up, and potentially an App user or client in the demonstration process.
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