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  • 09 October 2017

‘Mr Grumpy’ turns in to ‘Mr Happy’…

I just got off the phone to a potential client, you know the type, assertive, in a hurry, not interested in listening to any details…

‘Don’t give me some BS Sales Pitch sonny, just get straight to the point, I don’t want the fluff just the facts.’

Well for someone that naturally waffles on a bit, he really put me on the spot. So I was brief to the point and matter of fact.

The best thing was Mr Grumpy got what he wanted and got me thinking I should simply put the short response in a post.

So here is what I told him…

‘We have a huge rapidly growing community of motivated shoppers’

‘When our members are ready to buy what you sell they come straight to our App looking for business owners who sell what they want’.

‘The customers are rewarded for shopping with our business clients and being loyal to the businesses we promote’.

‘You make more sales when you use our Rewards program to consistently upsell other products and services to your existing customers’.

‘You make more sales from the customers we drive to your business’.

‘With our Rewards program we rewards our members for sharing our free App. This means your clients effectively referring more people to your business’.

‘Apart from a small listing fee, you only pay when you make a successful sale’.

That’s it…

He was happy. I gave him a webpage if he wanted more information, and off he went.  To check out the webpage Click Here.

So there is the thumbnail explanation of our business model – ‘More Motivated Customers’, plain and simple.

Have a great day,

Derek Morgan
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