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You Need To Tell Them, You Can’t Afford Not to

  • 27 June 2017

Are you doing stuff for your clients or customers, that they are either not aware of, or simply don’t understand the value involved because –

You Don't Tell Them!

This happens so often in small business, the owners take things for granted and as a result miss a massive marketing opportunity and the ability to really stand their business out from their competition.

Let me explain…

I was at a half-day marketing seminar last week. Most people attending were small business owners. You always meet great people at these types of events.

There were 2 mechanics at my table chatting about the challenges they face in a competitive industry. Battling it out to get market share against the dealer groups, large chains and the hundreds of other mechanics.

The conversation turned to what do they do different.

One of the mechanics said ‘We do an engine flush and engine degrease as part of their services and no one else we know does’.

There is a big mistake and lesson here…

He Was Not Telling his customers.

I could tell him that he was saving his customers at least $45 on the engine clean, because that is how much my mechanic charged me at my car service.

Don’t assume your customers know the value you are adding.

Tell Them. Remind Them.

This guy did not even itemise the freebies on the invoice. He can get so much mileage out of the extras he does simply by;

Itemising them on the invoice and putting the market value of the add-on and then applying a nil charge, so the customer knows they are getting it and how much they are saving.

On advertising list the extras he provides with each service and the normal price, along with the fact his customers get them Free.

Give each customer vouchers to pass on to Family and friends with a ‘Try Me’ offer on their first service.

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Business networking events are a great opportunity to learn new things, keep up to date with trends and meet potential new clients or alliance partners.

Getting out and mixing with other business owners always throws up, new ideas, new thinking and opportunities.

And I am not talking about just going along to industry events. Get outside your normal environment generate fresh ideas. is a great way to get exposure to different niches or learn about aspects of business where you feel you need to gain more knowledge or experience.

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