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It’s All About Systems And Processes

  • 02 July 2017
We all need to be working to targets:
  • If you do not have a target, what are you aiming at?
  • How are you determining whether you are succeeding and how do you refine the way you are working to improve your results?
The short answer is:

If you don’t have measureable systems and processes to keep you and your staff accountable, then you are flying by the seat of your pants and making it up as you go along.

Making your business run via easily duplicable processes is the key to Freedom and Lifestyle. When you get your business running to clearly defined processes, you now have the ability to get other people to produce results in a consistent fashion.

McDonalds works because they have a system they can train a bunch of teenagers to run.

When you can get your business running in a way that is not dependent on you, then you can start to create a lifestyle business, freeing up time to do anything you want.

Rather than being shackled to your business day and night, putting out fires or having to produce all the results yourself.

Far to many times I here clients say “I am took busy to do that”. What ever that is, like learning a new skill or technology, or creating new systems. The reality is, with a bit of focus you can make improvements bit by bit.

Always be looking at how you do things, how they can be improve through simplification, and most of all how can you systemize so others can do it easily. Making sure in the process you are putting in place accountability.
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