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Always have paying customers when you Capture Leads

  • 13 July 2017
All successful business leaders will tell you…

Your Net worth Is Equal To Your Network.

You are generating traffic through your business, to your website or via phone enquiries. The thing is – Are You Making The Most Of Your Opportunities?

These are your Hot Leads because they are actively looking for what you have. Whether they are ready to buy from you right now or just looking, you need to capture their details and stay in touch.

There is one thing for certain, if you don’t capture their contact details you cannot stay in touch with them and worse still you have no way of influencing their future decisions.

This is why it is critical to have a way of engaging your customers and prospects. You want to add value in some way as a reward for them giving you their contact details.

You should have a variety of methods for doing this, such as Free Reports or Case Studies for subscribing on your website, running contests both in store and on social media.

At the very least you always want to capture a first name, email and preferably their mobile phone number.

With these details you can establish an automated follow-up program that works without you having to do anything. There is work to be done upfront, however you do the work once and then the automatic systems deliver this consistently over and over again.

Now you have genuine leverage and the ability to scale and grow your business.

Our Member Rewards program gives you access to a Free Mobile Phone Application that allows you to add heaps of value to your customers and keeps them loyal to your business.

This gives you a powerful lead capture system with heaps of incentives for your business…

If you don’t already have email marketing and campaign management tools then checkout as a starting point. This is a great platform that is easy to use and also provides heaps of useful marketing tips, ideas and emplates.

They allow you to sign-up for a free account to do broadcast emails. They have pay as you go options to get you started on automated email marketing campaigns.

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