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Four Outrageous Things You Can Buy With $5,000

  • 02 January 2018

We know that everyone loves to save money on things they buy every day like coffee, haircuts, groceries, alcohol, petrol and holidays!

Here are four ridiculously entertaining things you could buy, once you start saving with the Cash Back App, getting real, cold hard cash right back into your wallet each time you make a purchase with merchants in our network.

The Fleurburger 5000

Burgers are a staple of the average western diet, and are often associated with the words "cheap" and "fast".
However, if you visit the Las Vegas restaurant Fleur, don't expect to find a dollar meal, because their burger costs an astounding $5000! This expensive feast is a combination of fine ingredients and a bottle of 1995 Vintage Petrus. Why not indulge your tastebuds and spend all your money on one meal?


Rock some diamond earbuds

Forget about those plain headphones the rest of the school is rocking, and stand out with a fresh pair of diamond studded earbuds. We can’t guarantee they won’t get stolen, but we're certain your ears will be the talk of the town! These beauties will cost you $5,175 dollars!


Soak in an Evian water bath

SoBe’s Hotel Victor is offering guests an unusual bath time experience with Evian water filled bathtubs for $5000! This luxurious bath is complimented with daisies and a smorgasbord of extravagant snacks!


Rent a celebrity

What would be cooler than having a celebrity swing by your birthday party or randomly show up at school to hang out with you? How is this possible, you ask? Simple, you just rent them out! The more famous the personality the more expensive the price. For $5000 you can have American Idol contestant William Hung or America Pie actress Tara Reid pose for selfies with you!


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