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Save money this Christmas with the Cash Back App!

  • 31 December 2017

If you have ever had post-Christmas spending regret, then these tips are for you! It is not uncommon these days, with the increased popularity of credit cards and low interest rates, to get a little trigger happy and spend too much at Christmas time.

We know you want to spoil your loved ones, and maybe even yourself, so here are some neat tips and tricks on how to save money at Christmas time, courtesy of the Cash Back App.

Make a list and check it TWICE!

Make lists of the things you need to buy and the food you need to prepare for the festive season. Having lists will help you plan your spending and keep you on track.


Make a list of who you're buying for, what you want to get them, and how much money you're prepared to spend on each person.

Entertainment supplies

List the food and drinks you'll need, and how much you can spend. Buy in advance where possible to take advantage of specials, especially if items can be frozen or have a long shelf life.

Travel plans

Whether you're flying or driving, there are ways to save on holiday travel costs. List all your costs like flights, accommodation, travel insurance, airport transfers and petrol. Shop around for deals as early as you can, to avoid paying a premium for last-minute bookings or peak season increases. If you're going on a driving holiday, work out which day is cheapest to fill up on petrol, and do it the week before Christmas.

Get creative on your gifts!

There's a lot of pressure to spend big on gifts this time of year, but pricey presents aren't necessarily the way to go. Here are some ways you can show you care, while keeping a lid on your spending

Agree on a spending limit

Suggest to your loved ones that you set a limit on how much you will spend on gifts for each other to keep your budgets under control

Kids only

Talk to the other adults in your extended family about only buying presents for the kids this year, rather than for the adults

DIY vouchers

We often remember the things people do for us rather than the presents they give us. Consider giving redeemable vouchers for tasks like babysitting, massages, picnics, homemade dinners or even housework

Savvy sales

Take advantage of sales throughout the year to nab some bargains and store them away for Christmas. But, even in December there are bargains to be had. You can also check out any clearance outlets near you, or sign up to their newsletters so that you'll be in the know when they have a sale.

Compare offers

Some stores match or beat competitors' deals, so compare their offers and take all the details with you when you go into the store. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount - you might just get a Christmas miracle!

Secondhand bargains

Op shops, antique stores and secondhand bookshops can be a treasure trove for the thrifty Christmas shopper. If you're prepared to spend the time looking through their stock, you can often find good quality items at a fraction of the price you'd pay at big name stores.

Here are some additional tips you might like to consider taking advantage of, too!

  1. Personalise your cards and wrapping, don’t be afraid to recycle from last year
  2. Be a scrooge online, look hard for the best bargains
  3. Grab your gift cards and use them to buy new gifts for those you love
  4. Get social with Christmas shopping – consider asking for tips from your friends on social media
  5. Track your spending – grab a pen and paper, or do it online, just keep those numbers in check!
  6. Plan for next Christmas – getting ahead of yourself for next year will help you be prepared and you might be able to spread out your spending over greater time, to avoid spending all at once come December.

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