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Creating B2B Referral Networks

  • 08 August 2017
What if you could get complimentary businesses to refer customers like crazy to your business?

How would you like to see a constant flow of pre-qualified leads, ready to buy, and motivated to buy from you?

This is exactly what you can achieve using a little strategic networking. And with the power of technology it is becoming far more profitable for you to build strategic alliances.

Not to mention social media is making it ridiculously easy for you to build those networks, quickly and at no cost.
It is generally accepted ‘Word of Mouth Referral’ is the

Best advertising you can get.

Couple this with the fact over 70% of people will accept an online review as fact, and you start to get a perspective of just how powerful social media is, especially if it is coming directly from someone you know, or even a random stranger.

What if you could get a flood of referrals from complementary businesses who target your ideal client, and get paid cash rewards when you refer customers and they transact with other businesses?

Lets take a look at the wedding industry as an example…

You can create a circular referral network, and it really does not matter where your client enters the planning process. Well, unless you are a jeweler – you get a head start when the bride to be comes shopping for the engagement ring.

By participating in a referral rewards program, you can set-up a financially rewarding model so you get paid when you successfully refer clients to a buying group or referral partner.

You also received qualified leads via

your participation in the referral network.

The advancement in mobile technology has now Supercharged the whole social media marketing opportunity for small business owners and sole traders. Best of all you don’t need to be a technology guru to participate – far from it.

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