Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Daniel Morcombe Foundation

The key role in the community of Daniel Morcombe Foundation is the education of all children about their personal safety.

Funds raised are channelled into 'Harm Prevention' initiatives that benefit the community. This includes a comprehensive, free of charge, child safety education program and the 'Walk Tall' counselling service, also free of charge, dedicated to children.

By directly assisting educators and parents through the funding and development of child safety educational resources as well as assisting young victims of crime, the Foundation continues to empower all Australians to make their local communities safer places for all children.

The Foundation is strongly committed to the development and education of Respectful Relationships for children and teenagers in our schools and communities and also assisting in reducing the over-representation of Indigenous Australians in the Child Protection sector.

  1. To educate children regarding their personal safety (including abduction).
  2. To assist victims of crime, particularly where crime involves children.
  3. To remember Daniel with suitable child safety community awareness events.
  4. To support the families of Missing Persons particularly where it involves children.

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