Licensee Opportunity

Become a Licensee for The Cash Back App!

Are you a motivated self-starter with a valuable B2B network? Now you too can profit from Australia’s most lucrative* mobile app as a Cash Back App Licensee!

Create a substantial recurring income helping local merchants benefit from The Cash Back App.

Our Business

The Cash Back App Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company that has set out to achieve four key goals:

  • Provide sustainable returns for licensees around the world,
  • Reduce the cost of living for consumers,
  • Increase the profitability of Australian businesses, and;
  • Support local charities with regular donations.

The Cash Back App has already seen fantastic up-take during the start-up phase and is now gearing up for an explosive launch into the Australian market.

With 39,000 happy members and more than 350 merchants already signed up to The Cash Back App, we’re looking forward to massive growth with an even larger network of merchants across Australia when we launch in early 2018.

Our App

The Cash Back App does exactly what the name implies – it gives you cash back on everyday purchases.

After downloading the app, users gain access to a variety of exclusive deals and gift cards from retailers across Australia, including the likes of Woolworths, Big W, CALTEX-Woolworths, Dan Murphy's and more. Once logged in, customers are assigned their own unique QR code, which links directly to their digital wallet.

By scanning the QR code at eligible merchants, consumers can get instant discounts and cash back on everyday purchases.

Using the principles of supply and demand, our algorithm is designed to transfer bigger and bigger discounts to users as more people sign on and start scanning – which creates a win-win situation for everybody involved!

Our Offer

Having spent millions of dollars in working hard to ensure our structure, systems and processes are best in class, we are confident that our business model is able to support outstanding brand growth, viral reach and significant return on investment in a very short amount of time.

Here’s our proposition to you as a potential Licensee:

  • Apply online to be a TCBA Licensee, pay the $999 license fee, and complete the online training to become certified
  • Leverage your existing B2B and sales network by selling TCBA Merchant listings to SME retailers anywhere in Australia.
  • Similar to a Franchisee, your role is to get new businesses listed on The Cash Back App
  • These new businesses will then share the App with their customers, and you receive affiliate income with each purchase they make.
  • Your B2B network then becomes a sales channel where the Merchant offer can be sold as a valuable resource for Merchants - where we are proud to say, “everybody wins!”

By signing on as a Licensee now, you get access to a wealth of training and knowledge in both marketing and sales, as well as the exclusive ability to generate a massive amount of passive income once the app officially launches in 2018.

Interested in becoming a Cash Back App Licensee? Send us a message so we can start the conversation today!

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