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What does financial freedom mean to you? Spending more time with your family? Freedom to choose the hours you work? Buying your first home or paying it off early? Enjoying a comfortable retirement? What is your life like today? Are you Short of money and feeling stressed? Do you need to supplement your income? We may have the solution you’re looking for!

Whether you're just wanting some personal cash back when you shop, or you’re looking for some additional income, or you want to build a full-time business where you're the boss, you’ll soon see how easy it is to earn money with The Cash Back App!

Your income potential, and 'Shopping Community', will grow as you share the app with your friends and family. Every time anyone in your Shopping Community spends at a participating merchant, you get paid! The more they spend, the more you make. The more people you share the app with, the greater your reward.

As a Cash Back Ambassador, you play an active role in promoting The Cash Back App to your network of friends and family. The effort you make in sharing and promoting the App is rewarded through our generous and simple Affiliate Marketing program. We give you a share in our commission from any and every person in your Shopping Community who shops and buys with The Cash Back App.

Our App

The Cash Back App does exactly what the name implies – it gives you cash back on everyday purchases.

After downloading the app, users gain access to a variety of exclusive deals and gift cards from retailers across Australia, including the likes of Woolworths, Big W, CALTEX-Woolworths, Dan Murphy's and more. Once logged in, customers can generate their own unique QR code, which links directly to their digital wallet.

By scanning the QR code at eligible merchants, consumers can get instant discounts and cash back on everyday purchases.

Using the principles of supply and demand, our algorithm is designed to transfer bigger and bigger discounts to users as more people sign on and start scanning – which creates a win-win situation for everybody involved!

Our Offer

As member of The Cash Back Ambassadors club, you will work with each of your level 1 members to help them to share the app. Help them identify 3 friends who they can share the app with, so they can also build their Shopping Community. As your level 1 members share the app, your Shopping Community and income potential will continue to grow and grow as members on other levels do the same.

You then must work with each member in your Shopping Community to get them to shop and buy with The Cash Back App - and to take advantage of its benefits. As they shop, you earn commission. This commission becomes recurring income when they regularly shop - and this commission is yours to keep as for long as members continue to shop.

Getting started is easy, just download the free app and register to become a member. Find a local merchant or national brand listed on the app and make a purchase. Every time you shop at a participating merchant listed on the app, you will receive instant cash back.

Building your Shopping Community is also simple. To share the app Just tap the share button at the bottom of the screen. From here You can share the app using SMS, EMAIL, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other messaging app that you have on your smartphone.

Cash Back Ambassadors Club Benefits

By becoming a Cash Back App Ambassador, you get access to a wealth of training, tools and knowledge in both marketing and sales, as well as the ability to accelerate and generate a passive income as your Shopping Community shops, shares and saves.

There is nothing you need to sell or buy to be a Cash Back Ambassador - all you must do is promote the FREE app to your Shopping Community and encourage regular shopping and sharing.

For more details on how the Affiliate Program Works, see How The Cash Back App works.

Matching Car Bonus and Rewards

We want you to really do well as a Cash Back Ambassador! So, we have a fantastic incentive scheme that rewards you with recognition, exciting events and celebrations - and a Matching Car Bonus, based on the success you achieve. This is in ADDITION to the great recurring income that you earn every day from your Shopping Community.

Our Compensation Plan is completely transparent and easy to understand. The Matching Car bonus is exactly what it says: If you earn $20,000 a year from your Shopping Community, you qualify for a $20,000 vehicle, and this continues up to $200,000.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Apply online to be a Cash Back Ambassador, pay the one-time $99 registration fee, and complete the online training to become certified
  2. Share the app with your friends and encourage them to register. Show them how to get cash back and to shop with the app. Help them share the app and register their friends and promote the App.

Interested in becoming a member of the Cash Back Ambassadors Club? Send us a message so we can start the conversation today!

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